Bella Bambina -n- Suicidal Wrek (wutevruwantme2b) wrote in desire2belong,
Bella Bambina -n- Suicidal Wrek

An update

I`m gonna be in a wedding. Of course that means to my dad and my mom, 'Athena you have to loose weight'..When my uncle already told me 'your beautiful as you are please don`t change that.'.. It`s his fucking wedding. I hate how i can never be perfect fo my father. My mother is deffinatly one to push me to do these type of this, and it`s because she too is fat. So we`re gonna do it together. But i`m so hungry. I`m actully getting back to my old ways. I eat one teeny tiny meal day, and if my mom cooks dinner i just put it away. If i happen to eat a big portion of a meal, I end up throwing it up ;/ It`s sorta pissing me off that my body is getting back in to the swing of that thng. I don`t wanna be like that again. Once was ebnough. BELIEVEEE MEE.. But i`m gonna go try to get something to eat, I`m so hungry i feel like i haven`t ate for kitty said sorry to vent here... But i just have t osorta get this shit out there.. Love you guys..

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