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holy molie batman

wow, life, sux. sry i haven't written for a long ass time. been kinda busy and im not even sposed to be on now. anyway, there's this girl (let's just call her Lee) and i like her, but so does one of my other friends and yet lee doesn't wanna go out with anyone, she just wants to mess around. in the beginning i was fine with this, but now im not too sure and i don't wanna hurt either of them and yea, idk wat to do... plus, i kinda have a crush on this guy (we'll call him ant (altho selected ppl kno him, i trust you guys with this cuz ur wat i like to call REAL FRIENDS)) but he doesn't kno that i like him and he's older than me (idk how old he is but still) and altho he flirts with me (who doesn't? lol) im not sure how he truly feels... yea so i need help... srry, i kinda had to get that out. thanx for listening and thanx for ur future reply (ANY1 and EVRY1 can reply to this cuz i need all the help i can get right now...)

yay!! only like 32 days til my birthday! WooT!! don't forget jess. me loves all and pweez reply asap... tankie.


p.s how do u make the heart thing again?
and i wanna change my icon to a faerie possibly. tanky..
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