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Fuck Everything

Things are finally going well im doing my work and im off grounding and then my dad comes over after skool and is telling me i gotta cut the shit and he sez it out loud saying he saw me at the bus stop doing sumthing and so naturally my gm gets all in the business asking what happened so it finally comes out so her and my gp wont shut up saying how thats why i always take gum and rush into the bathroom when i get home, to brush my teeth... Excuse me cuntz i chew gum cuz i like it and i dont like bad breath and secondly i rush into the bathroom when i get home cuz i need to go i dont go to the bathroom's in skool so there ... i hate that now my gm's on that whole "We Lost the Trust Jessica" Holy Shit! My body My Life My decisions...if i dont smoke now ima smoke later and prolly worse so leave me. God damn. I guess im not grounded but she needs to lay off the guilt trips cuz that doesnt make me wanna quit i just need to be sneakier. Duh! Btw my dad is an asshole cuz hes the one who gives me cigarettes... i was close to quitting and he started me over again but i didnt mention that he lets me in his house and he gives me cigarettes hes just trying to be a father but doesnt he realize hes not father material and hes definitely not friend material so what does that make him to me? Nothing all he does is march in on my happy times and clouds them cuz he needs to mind his own business... asshole ... deal wit it im no longer ur daughter shit i never was.

sry 4 venting
xo jessica ox
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