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Nobody [03 Dec 2004|05:32pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

Nobody even bothered to reply to my post about shutting down the community nor did anyone bother to post at all ... thats it! Im shutting down Desire2Belong and if you people enjoied being in the community i have a new one all ready set up...


Okay my oh so loyal participants.

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IMPORTANT [30 Nov 2004|05:22pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

This community isnt getting updated as much and im not pleased with it ... i should be creating a new one by tomorrow and all the members here are more than welcome to join. Okay?

DO you think i should keep this one active or should i start a new one? Im not cutting anyone off im just changing to a different community. But this one i want it to be a themed community!

Final Result will be in by Friday

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yay!! [29 Nov 2004|03:42pm]

[ mood | out of place and cautious ]

yay omg mackenzie's bacc on the kool list he got my icon on
i've been trying for like forever
and now i have it
can this day get any cooler?
...or not...
lol watever
omg this also means that i owe it to mackenzie to me writing in my lj again
seeing as i havent written in here since
i told ppl that thing that happened
and yea
now he's talking to himself
his hair's pink
that's cooler than him trying to tell everyone that it's ""red""
(we all kno the truth, like, give it up)
anyway so like yea
(now he thinks i want him to give "it" up)
((i kno it's stupid and athena's probably gonna be all disappointed and yea but i would if he asked.........................))

watever so like yea i'll try to write later


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Here I am [29 Nov 2004|02:13pm]
[ mood | pah-sie-ko ]

I am the Jessica you all know as ur_all_the_same but i have come to a new sn i choose to use! This is it. enjoi and Mary thanx for posting... Ppl plz post c'mon!

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FYI [29 Nov 2004|02:06pm]

I will still be in charge of this community but not as the use ur_all_the_same but as psycho_chika

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[27 Nov 2004|08:39pm]

well... ya wat a long week end...im so bored but ya here are lyrics that my bf dedicated to me:)

Artist: Nu Flavor
Album: Nu Flavor
Title: Heaven

ohhh heaven oh heaven can't you help me?
First time I saw you girl
you turned me upsidedown
I can't stop thinking 'bout you
my head is spinning round
I got to find a way
to get with you somehow
girl i'm so crazy for you
you know I want you now
and every minute of every single day
i'm dreaming of how it could be
and every night before I go to sleep i'm praying
that soon you'll be here with me
Heaven heaven oh heaven can't you help me?
I looked in her eyes now she's all I see
Heaven oh Heaven can't you help?
I'm down on my knees please help me
Can't fall asleep tonight I don't know what to do
I hold my pillow but I wanna be holding you
And when I close my eyes
I always see you face
I know my happiness is only a kiss away
and every hour here in the dark
every beat of my lonely heart
Tells me that I need to be with you
Heaven oh Heaven what can I do?
Heaven heaven oh heaven can't you help me?
I'll give her my love for eternity
heaven oh heaven can't you help me?
I'm down on my knees please help me
Girl i'd give anything
If you were here with me
Give you anything you want
and anything you need
I never thought that I, could feel the way I do
but now I wanna spend the rest of my life with you
And everyday that we are apart
i'm saving this love here in my heart
And every night before I go to sleep
I'm praying that soon you'll be here with me
Heaven Heaven oh Heaven can't you help me?
I looked in her eyes now she's all I see
Heaven oh heaven can't you help me?
I'm down on my knees please help me
heaven (repeat till music fades)
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Things I Cant Understand ... [26 Nov 2004|07:40pm]

[ mood | busy ]

the title is just lyrics from Cruel Summer by Ace of Base
Anyway...FYI I have a new journal which i shall use more often

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Here ya Go JayJay [26 Nov 2004|06:45pm]

  like it?
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[19 Nov 2004|07:29am]

 for Jay Jay
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holy molie batman [17 Nov 2004|09:57pm]

[ mood | help help help... etc... ]

wow, life, sux. sry i haven't written for a long ass time. been kinda busy and im not even sposed to be on now. anyway, there's this girl (let's just call her Lee) and i like her, but so does one of my other friends and yet lee doesn't wanna go out with anyone, she just wants to mess around. in the beginning i was fine with this, but now im not too sure and i don't wanna hurt either of them and yea, idk wat to do... plus, i kinda have a crush on this guy (we'll call him ant (altho selected ppl kno him, i trust you guys with this cuz ur wat i like to call REAL FRIENDS)) but he doesn't kno that i like him and he's older than me (idk how old he is but still) and altho he flirts with me (who doesn't? lol) im not sure how he truly feels... yea so i need help... srry, i kinda had to get that out. thanx for listening and thanx for ur future reply (ANY1 and EVRY1 can reply to this cuz i need all the help i can get right now...)

yay!! only like 32 days til my birthday! WooT!! don't forget jess. me loves all and pweez reply asap... tankie.


p.s how do u make the heart thing again?
and i wanna change my icon to a faerie possibly. tanky..

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[14 Nov 2004|04:27pm]


hey all well i've had a good weekend...here are some pics


pixsCollapse )

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An update [11 Nov 2004|01:32am]

I`m gonna be in a wedding. Of course that means to my dad and my mom, 'Athena you have to loose weight'..When my uncle already told me 'your beautiful as you are please don`t change that.'.. It`s his fucking wedding. I hate how i can never be perfect fo my father. My mother is deffinatly one to push me to do these type of this, and it`s because she too is fat. So we`re gonna do it together. But i`m so hungry. I`m actully getting back to my old ways. I eat one teeny tiny meal day, and if my mom cooks dinner i just put it away. If i happen to eat a big portion of a meal, I end up throwing it up ;/ It`s sorta pissing me off that my body is getting back in to the swing of that thng. I don`t wanna be like that again. Once was ebnough. BELIEVEEE MEE.. But i`m gonna go try to get something to eat, I`m so hungry i feel like i haven`t ate for days.like kitty said sorry to vent here... But i just have t osorta get this shit out there.. Love you guys..

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Fuck Everything [10 Nov 2004|05:58pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

Things are finally going well im doing my work and im off grounding and then my dad comes over after skool and is telling me i gotta cut the shit and he sez it out loud saying he saw me at the bus stop doing sumthing and so naturally my gm gets all in the business asking what happened so it finally comes out so her and my gp wont shut up saying how thats why i always take gum and rush into the bathroom when i get home, to brush my teeth... Excuse me cuntz i chew gum cuz i like it and i dont like bad breath and secondly i rush into the bathroom when i get home cuz i need to go i dont go to the bathroom's in skool so there ... i hate that now my gm's on that whole "We Lost the Trust Jessica" Holy Shit! My body My Life My decisions...if i dont smoke now ima smoke later and prolly worse so leave me. God damn. I guess im not grounded but she needs to lay off the guilt trips cuz that doesnt make me wanna quit i just need to be sneakier. Duh! Btw my dad is an asshole cuz hes the one who gives me cigarettes... i was close to quitting and he started me over again but i didnt mention that he lets me in his house and he gives me cigarettes hes just trying to be a father but doesnt he realize hes not father material and hes definitely not friend material so what does that make him to me? Nothing all he does is march in on my happy times and clouds them cuz he needs to mind his own business... asshole ... deal wit it im no longer ur daughter shit i never was.

sry 4 venting
xo jessica ox

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Guess Whos Back [10 Nov 2004|06:47am]

Im back again Oh yeah i also have a new aim sn

pynk is sex x IM me anytime y0! Luv Ya Pplz... Btw mary have fun

xo Jessica ox
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[09 Nov 2004|07:57pm]

[ mood | funfun:) ]

this week is goin to be so cool
we have thurs and fri off and i have a game on thurs and then on friday i'm goin to golfland wit my bf and some friends then saturday i sleep and party then sunday church...funfun:)

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Tinkerbelle [09 Nov 2004|07:47pm]

[ mood | fairy ]

I Would Like to Welcome Tinkerbelle to the Community

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Somebody... [04 Nov 2004|02:00pm]

Somebody comment on the fucken layout yo i worked madd hard on it
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Bum Ditty Bum Bum ;D [08 Nov 2004|10:21am]

Well umm,Yea.. My favorite thanksgiving food is... Ummm, Well Yams i guess I unno..
Yea well i`m in class So yea.... I gotta do something..
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New Member [08 Nov 2004|07:26am]

[ mood | whats apathetic mean ]

xout_stars ... wanted to join us so i sed yeah ... i also liked that she has an icon from a FallOutBoy song ... Tehehe

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Like The New Layout? [08 Nov 2004|07:16am]

[ mood | Pink Proudness ]

What do you think of the new lay out?

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